Another awesome day in the neighborhood

December 19, 2009 tiffanirenfroe

Ok! So I stayed up all night last night. Not a great idea LOL. Didnt spend much time with Martin because of my out of wack sleep schedule. Woke to go to work and the fun begins. Martin brings home Chinese food for lunch. Another bad idea but it was so good and over all it took me a couple of hours to eat the serving big enough for three people. Anyway, I ate that in my underclothes because while I was up all last night, I didn’t see the importance of washing the laundry that had been piling up for days. Another bad idea. So it’s time to throw my clothes on and run out the door. Martin the sweet man that he is gets up and gathers my things for me so all I have to do is get in the truck and drive away. I get to work and life is well. I give my boss a hard time. That’s a good idea. LOL! It’s his fault, he makes it so darn easy to do. Then I get this really great idea that I’m going to buy a Santa hat I had been eye balling for a while now. I buy it, and not even two hours later a customer begs it off my head for $15 making in a return a $5 profit for myself. A great idea. So later on I get the munchies. I’m not even going to lie. I had two sausage dogs equipped with buns and mayo. I know, I know a really bad idea. But I can’t take it back now. So later after that, I get the munchies again. I know, I know! I bought those candy fruit slices made of nothing but sugar, food color and gelatin to hold the sugar together. And I am not even gonna lie to you. They were good. As a matter of fact they were great. And though I didn’t eat the whole bag, I came darn near close. And then, my friend Mike a Hungry Howie’s pizza delivery guy delivers a very unexpected pizza to my Kangaroo counter and says, “Here ya go, it’s yours and Megan’s to share and it’s free.” OMG! What’s a girl to do. This thing was beautiful. It had extra cheese, sausage, bacon and ham on it and the crust a wonderfully golden pan crust with garlic butter on it. O my I think I might cry. But, pizza is a weakness for me. So I did what any girl in a life changing experience would do. I ate one piece and wrapped the other half of my pizza up and warmed it for my boyfriend when I got home. So there, success. I know, I know, I ate two sausage dogs and I wasn’t even hungry. I know, I know, I ate almost a whole bag of really great colored gelatin. What was I thinking? Honestly, I wasn’t. I was just working and munching. But I had a victory today. I ate only one slice of pizza, I made a $5 profit and I made a whole lot of people smile today. That’s a good feeling. So we try harder tomorrow. Right?


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