Another Bad Night!

December 21, 2009 tiffanirenfroe

Ok! so I had a pretty uneventful day for the most part. My sleep schedule still messed up but I will get the hang of it eventually. Until I do that I’m just not sure that getting my exercise schedule in full swing is going to be possible. Let alone my eating schedule. Any dietitian I’ve ever spoken to or any trainer I’ve ever had conversation with says that eating and exercise must go hand in hand. Is this true? Well apparently it is. So I went to sleep round 4 am this morning and my BF came home round 8 am. We went back to bed in preparation for a party we were supposed to go to in the evening. We woke up around 2pm I made Martin something to eat. I was hungry so I ate nothing. We went to into town to Wal-Mart to get some stuff for the party and some stuff for the house and a little bit of Christmas shopping stuff for my kids. Long story short, we bought a lot of crap with no nutritional value and we didn’t go to the party. We didn’t buy anything to cook for dinner so we wound up going out to eat but at 6p I ate 6 Ritz crackers with peanut butter and jelly on them and 4 of those little smokey sausages you know the one’s with the cheese in them. MMM! They were so good. And so bad for me at the same time. Anyway, round 8p were both starving. So where do we go? Chompers! That’s where we go! Chompers! I get gator tail and fried okra. I know, I know! I may as well have had a double cheeseburger with bacon. Trust me, the thought ran through my mind. Several times in fact. Even after I had placed my order with the lady at the drive through window. O! Did I mention, I totally went to the drive through window in my pajamas. Yes, I did! I went there! LOL! Anyway, after dinner my BF decided to start a fire, and it was so cozy and warm we decided to sit by the fire for a while. But that was good enough LOL! We turned it into a date complete with some of the junk we bought from the store. I’m talking S’mores! But another victory for me! I only ate one of them. Not the three my BF intended me to eat. I substituted the others with a cup of coffee to compliment my very happy single serving of S’more. So I did well. However, still have a bad sleeping schedule. Heck its 3:12am here and I’m wide awake. That’s bad, very bad. And my eating habits and exercise habits are not much for admiration these days. However, I did complete my kids Christmas shopping for the most part and their Wii is on the way in the mail.


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